"Praisolite and Oligoclase" are gems that are made by BK.


He stands at 7' 0". He wears a leather shirt with tassels and green stripes vertically on his shoulders, resembling a Native American top. He also wears leather pants with tassels and green stripes, also resembling Native American clothing. He has light green, thick, short hair, and a headband with white and green feathers attached to them. His skin is green, and he has a teal gem located on his chin. His kontos is 8 feet long, has an iron tip, and has a green feather attached to it.


  • Kontos Mastery: Praisolite is extremely skilled with his Kontos, especially mounted.
  • Mounted Specialty: Praisolite is skilled at fighting while mounted, especially on his steed, Oligoclase.
  • Nature's Bastion: Any plants and vegetation around Praisolite is healed if it's withered or damage, or is made easier to live, such as giving a plant an extra supply of water.


Silent, yet skilled and leader-like, Praisolite charges into action with his steed and weapon, not caring for his enemies in the slightest, but caring for nature and helping it sustain itself.





He is a corrupted, yet tame gem. He stands on four hooves at 5 feet tall. He is brown, with a single white stripe going down his face to his back. Resembles a horse.




As a corrupted gem from his creation, Oligoclase was abused. Every gem made used him for selfish deeds. Then he met Praisolite, and a bond formed nearly overnight. Plaisolite's love for plants and wildlife, yet mastery while mounted made them the perfect duo.

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