Pink Topaz

Pink topaz is a young gem, who recently escaped from Homeworld with the help of the Crystal gems, and is just now learning about the war and rebellion. She is astounded by Rose Quartz and her follower's bravery and success and whishes more than anything to be like them. Back on Homeworld, she was often feeling low and ready to give up, but now that she has made friends with some of the Crystal Gems, she feels rejuvenated and eager to learn more about her new life on earth. She wants to do what she can to stay by their side and help them in any way needed. Understanding the evilness of Homeworld from her personal experiences, she looks up to the gems who fought against them, and is determined to defend the earth from any evil like they once did.

Special Abilities

Her weapon is a sword that can fire projectiles of various abilities (i.e. fire, destabalization, and even strength for team mates) in addition,  when her feelings are ambitious, she can use her pigtails for various abilities (like flight, rope, or in some cases, a weapon)

First appeared in, The Expiration Part 2(RP)

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