First Form

Prior to the episode Bleak, Pink Spinel was almost entirely suited in a heavy, silvery-pink armor. Her chainmail under the armor was a darker shade of that silvery-pink and the components keeping her suit together were a dark brown. In this form, Pink Spinel had more unkempt, hot pink hair.

Second Form

In her second form, Pink Spinel wears a princess cut dress with a corset-like, pink top, sheer, light pink sleeves, and long skirt with large pleats of a darker pink colour. She wears dark violet red boots and her hair is more styled to resemble that of a lolita girl.


Pink Spinel has shown to be a very serious character, who hasn't yet taken a liking to joking or playing types. She thinks too much into the situation and tends to be shallow minded on anything that isn't related to Jriev or combat. However, Pink Spinel is also known to be a good friend, especially to Treble before she had mysteriously disappeared.



Before the events of Treble in Tokyo, Pink Spinel and Treble were close friends, working together but Pink Spinel was concerned for her being close to danger.


Cerussite was the first Gem Pink Spinel had a chance to work with. The two became friends quickly and easily.


Though Angelite hated her at first, Pink Spinel and Angelite have become fairly close friends during the off-screen events between Season One and Season Two.


Pink Spinel was at one point greatly offended by Moonstone's behaviour and personality but has grown to be more tolerant of her and her ways.


Morganite was a high power to Pink Spinel during her time with the Pastel Gems but she was still a great mystery even after Pink Spinel's separation from the group.


Image Description
Pink Spinel's gem is located between her collarbones. It is of a pear shape with matching facet.
A photo of an actual Pink Spinel.


  • Pink Spinel was the first non-pastel gem to be fully accepted by the Pastel Gems.

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