It's My First Time Making This, So, If Its Bad, I'm sorry.

Orange Diamond packs A Suitcase, ready to go to his new Apartment. "So glad i can use Telekinesis for this" said OD, He sighed, this rackety old house was all he ever had, but, he was ready to abandon it for a life in the big city. OD steps on the warp pad, "Well, off I go!" Explained Orange Diamond, as he warped. It was so Big! He had never seen anything like it, It held, 34 GEMS!!! All with Mile Long Apartment rooms, fancy restaurants, and More.

Orange Diamond looked at The Apartment List, aperently, He would have a Roommate.

Orange Diamond - Pink Citirne

Orange Diamond Wondered Who This Citrine Was, He was exited to meet her.

  Purple Topaz was outside the apartment, greeting all the new comers. "Renenmber, Smile" said Green Ruby, His Boss and Supervisor. "I know what to do, Ruby, im fine" Sighed Purple Topaz, he appleid for a job here a year earlier, one of his regrets was not signing up for another job, He greeted 30 gems Already, Danburite, Omphacite Jade, Gaspite, Shifter Topaz, Pink Citrine, Bentonite, Dark Diamond and his Freinds, Blood and Underground, and Many more.

  He Sees and Orange fellow, looking like this is the first time he's seen the Place, their was and Orange Diamond on the list, must've been him. Clock Graphite and Puppet Master did an amazing job building this place, it was amazing working here. He Greeted one last person. Purple Greeted an Opal "Welcome to the Luxurious Apartment! If you have any questions ask me!" The Opal looked at him, "Do you know where to get a coffe?" Scowled the Opal, probably the Shade Opal on the list. "Down the hall, take a left." Said Purple Topaz with a smooth tone. "Thanks..." said the Opal with a Voice that scared him more than being fired.

         But somewhere in the Hotel, something Evil was happening. "Yes.... Everything is going according to plan..."

And that is it! Hope you enjoyed it, leave comments and suggestions below!

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