Stop, wait a minute, hold the series, put a pause on it.

The following series is on hold, as the creator is busy with other projects. The series may resume soon.

HS lotus
It's not the real thing, bro; it's just a demo.

The following content was made and written by Democritos. Please do not edit without consent from this user, and in addition, please avoid any unauthorized categorizing of this page. Any missing content has not been officially stated at this point.

"Pietersite" is a series revolving around a gem of the same name, Pietersite, both made by  Democritos.


Pietersite is Homeworld's first stable cluster, a geoweapon to be used during the rebellion. All the while he must learn his powers and how to fight in order to make his mark in gem history.




  • The first seven chapters of the series were written in novel format, but then changed to transcript format from chapter eight onward.
  • Key:
    • Bold text is used for overall narration.
    • Italics text is used to describe action.
    • Underlined text is to convey emphasis.

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