I was new, blind, and scared. Just my luck.

"Pietersite" is a gem fusion of Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye. Pietersite was first introduced in "Pietersite", and is also present in "The Drill, Shattered to Pieces (Episode 9) Role Play".


Pietersite's skin is reflective of his gemstone's color palette. He has messy, heliotrope hair, his eyes covered with a black bandanna. He wears eggplant novice robes and black bracer armor with gold trimmings.


  • Standard Gem Abilities: Pietersite maintains standard gem abilities such as bubbling gems, shape-shifting, and summoning a weapon.
  • Seismic Sense/Enhanced Sensitivity: Pietersite has enhanced hearing, and can sense even the slightest vibrations and energetic differences within the air or any other physical medium.
  • Electrokinesis: Pietersite has the ability to fire blasts of electricity as a defense against enemies.
  • Cryokinesis: This gem is able to manipulate ice and produce colder tempuratures.
  • Pyrokinesis: Pietersite has the ability to manipulate and produce fire.


As a semi-stable fusion, Pietersite tends to be schizophrenic. He is headstrong, yet quiet. Single-minded, yet considerate. Formal, yet at times, unruly.


  • Pietersite is sometimes referred to as "the tempest stone", possibly because of its stormy appearance.
  • It is thought to possess a highly-charged energy that enhances focus and personal will.
  • Pietersite is said to provide protection from the elements and encourage calmness.
    • It is also thought to physically balance the hormones, blood pressure and body temperature.


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