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Phox's Box is the name for Fruitphox's fanon. On this page you will find a list all of their gemsonas and fanon series.


No. Series Card Title Description
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The Crystal Path Watch as Steven Universe, and the other Crystal Gems go different adventures making new allies and encountering new enemies as Homeworld becomes a greater threat every day.



Crystal Gems

Homeworld Gems

Gem Types




Tanzanites are maintenance workers for Homeworld that specialize in repairing ships, warp pads, and other pieces of technology throughout the Gem Empire.


Topazes are one of the several different types of pilots for Homeworld that usually transport soldiers, weapons, or supplies in their ships.


Kunzites are philosophers in the Gem Hierarchy, they usually help the design spires, temples, kindergartens, and other gem structures.




5,850 years ago

  • The Rebellion led by Rose Quartz begins.

5,750 years ago

  • Garnet joins the Crystal Gems after Ruby and Sapphire flee Blue Diamond's court meeting.

5,500 years ago

  • The cluster experiments begin.
  • Amethyst is created in the Prime Kindergarten on Earth around the same time the two Kindergartens were shut down.

5,000 years ago

  • Lapis Lazuli is put into the mirror.
  • The Homeworld gems flee the planet Earth due to the Rebellion being unable to stop; the mirror containing Lapis is abandoned at the Galaxy Warp.
  • Most of the Crystal Gems as well as any Homeworld Gems left behind corrupt into monsters.


2,000 years ago

  • Tanzanite is made on Homeworld.


  • Amethyst is found and joins the Crystal Gems.
  • The mirror containing Lapis is found by Pearl.

20 years before show

  • Greg meets the Crystal Gems.

Year 1

  • The Red Eye sent by Homeworld to Earth is destroyed.
  • Lapis Lazuli is freed from the mirror by Steven and heads back to Homeworld.
  • Peridot arrives at the Galaxy Warp to check on The Cluster, but returns to Homeworld after thinking that there was danger.

Year 2

  • Peridot, along with Lapis and Jasper arrive on Earth; Jasper and Lapis fuse into the terrifying Malachite.
  • The Crystal Gems first learn about the clusters.
  • Peridot is captured by the Crystal Gems and begins to help them stop the Cluster.
  • Peridot calls Yellow Diamond a clod and officially joins the Crystal Gems.
  • Malachite is defeated by Alexandrite; Jasper is lost due to earthquakes caused by the Cluster starting to emerge.
  • The Cluster is bubbled.
  • Lapis decides to stay on Earth.
  • The gems learn about what happened to Bismuth.
  • Jasper corrupts and Steven learns about the fate of Pink Diamond.
  • Laguna Agate is freed from the bubble she was trapped in by Blue Agate and joins the rest of the Crystal Gems capture Gem Monsters.
  • Azurite's watcher Robonoids come to Earth to observe.

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