"Phosgenite" is a gem made by BK.


He stands at 7' 6". He wears a black cloak with a hood that drapes over his entire body, and a white plague doctor mask over his face. He wears gloves with spikes all on the tips, except for the thumb. His skin color, eye color, and gem are unknown.


  • Atomic Transfer: Phosgenite can transfer all of the atoms in his form towards another location, effectively teleporting. These atoms take 2 seconds to transfer, however, and he is vulnerable to those with good reaction times.
  • Wraith Form: Phoesgenite rapidly reforms the atoms in his form if they are removed, effectively making him invulnerable. He can only do this for a few seconds at a time, however.


Very vengeful. Only speaks when extremely necessary, or to rub "salt in the wound" of an enemy.


A genetically altered gem experimented on by Homeworld, so that all of the atoms that make up his form are simultaneously created and destroyed.


Overwatch Soundtrack Music King's Row

Overwatch Soundtrack Music King's Row


This... is my curse.