►Volume I

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
1 TitleCard PhoenicMin "El Planeta Abandonado" Jixianite gets hooked up in a mysterious case, and Allactite reveals her secret Sunday, February 28 2016
2 TitleCard PhoenicMin2 "VirtNet" Allactite find out something she shouldn't have seen Saturday, February 12 2016
3 TitleCard PhoenicMin3 "Nous Avons" Zemannite will have to deal with his master's wrongdoings Wednesday,May 25 2016
4 TitleCard PhoenicMin4 "Nǐ zhù zài" Jixianite, Zemannite and Allactite run away from their home Monday, June 27 2016
5 TitleCard PhoenicMin5 "Zināt" Honestly, I do not remember what happened... Saturday, July 20 2016
6 TitleCard PhoenicMin6 "ukulwa" The gems start discussing the next action with the group. Friday, December 30th 2016
1 Title card 7 PhMin "トラップ" A gem with dark intentions inspects the protagonist's home. Saturday, January 28th 2017
1 TBA "الشكوك" Some of the gems are tortured by Estrado. TBA

►Comic Extras

No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
1 CoverTraicion "Traicion" The past of a group of antagonist is slightly explored June 2016 to October 2017

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