Phoenix Minerals

Phoenix Minerals is a series made by The Mind Player. It takes place in present day on another Gem Colonized planet and follows the tracks of a small group of veteran gems through such planet.


The story consists on a small group of gems on present times travelling across a random gem colonized planet far away from Earth, in a universe where after the war, The Diamond Authority was able to hide all reports and information on the War and by extension Earth. This gems will go in an adventure to discover the mysteries of the mythical planet inhabited by gems that isn't inside the DA's control, and because of this they meet many gems, many enemies, and plenty of friends.

Canon Universe Diferences

  • Unlike the canon and most fanons, in this universe crystalline, colored and/or lustrous non-commercial minerals are Gems.
    • By extension this Minerals are also given roles in society like normal Gems.
  • The war on Earth and rebellion did happen and the CGs did succeed in saving Earth, but unlike the canon, The Great Diamond Authority was able to hide and destroy most of the information and reports on Earth from the public, but Peridot did come to Earth, and the Gem war ship was also brought to Earth.
    • To furthermore keep the incident in Earth hidden, the GDA threaten to shatter any gem that lived after the war of saying anything to the public.
  • Any gem information or retcons that are revealed or made after this fanon do not impact heavily over the fanon, and/or will not affect its timeline, since this is an Alternate Universe that stops any connection to the show after Log Date 7 15 2.
  • Be default, extremely important gem aspects, such as the occupation of the Diamonds, the War, Rose Quartz, corruption, shattering, the Cluster, Homeworld, and certain politics, will be updated an adapted to the already introduced alternate society seen in this fanon.

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