Phoenix Minerals

‎I don´t care, what you think I´ve done, but if we where to battle, this is not set in stone: Phoenix Minerals. Nobody has to follow this canon, but I, the Mind PLayer am informed, it is canon. NOTE: Details on Gems revealed and events on the show after February 24th will not affect this Fanon.

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"Traicion" is a small Flash-back web comic made by The Mind Player. It is canon to the Phoenix Minerals Series fanon.


This small 7 page long comic takes place 10 years before the current Phoenix Minearls events. It follows the path of a gem, member of the Estrado, to the point where she betrays Homeworld.



  • The first page was drawn in a notebook and used to have a different dialogue and context(This being a Flash Foward and not a Flash Back. When it was edited on Photoshop CS6, the context and dialogue were change to fit the new theme.
  • Despite Heterosite being the main focus and Characters of the comic, her face will not be shown at any point.
  • Agunachopace was challenged into making a redrawn version of Page 1 of this comic. He succeeded
    Comic (The Mind Player)

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