Pearlapis ( also known as Lapearl) is the shipping of Pearl and Lapis Lazuli.


  • In "Mirror Gem", Pearl holds onto Lapis' mirror before handing it to Steven.
  • In "Mirror Gem", Lapis says, "You three knew I was in there," revealing that Lapis and the Crystal Gems have history.
  • In "Mirror Gem",  Pearl is eager to tell Steven about Lapis' mirror.
  • In "Mirror Gem", after Lapis first attacks, Pearl tells Steven to run, showing that she recognizes Lapis as powerful.
  • In "Ocean Gem", Pearl seems happy to find out Lapis is returning to Homeworld.
  • In "The Message", Lapis warns the Crystal Gems of Peridot and Jasper bound to come. Pearl takes her advice seriously and creates a machine to wipe out the robotnoids.
  • In "Chille Tid",when Steven dreams of Lapis, pearl is intrigued.
  • In "Gem Harvest" Lapis offers a piece of cake Pearl, of which the same graces Saying "Thank you, Lapis".
  • Most of the time the two appear in an episode together, they always appear side by side.
  • Lapis and Pearl are very similar stylistically. They both seem to think out what they do, are more of a graceful fighters, and both are great fighters. Also, pearls are made underwater, and Lapis has water manipulation powers.