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None of this is Canon. It exists solely in the Crystal College universe. It's fanon and takes place in an alternate universe. Mild swearing may be implemented, read at your own risk.

  "Pearl" is a main protagonist in the story Crystal College created by Robyn Grayson.


Pearl is a shy and smart individual. She's obedient and mostly likes to keep to herself. She hates losing, along with also being a perfectionist.


Pearl has a slender, thin build, pale cream-colored skin, sky-blue eyes, a pointed nose and thin lips. She has peach-pink hair that curls into bangs in the front, and on the back, becomes a pointed tip. 

She wears a dark green sleeveless top, which connects to her slightly brighter toned knee length leggings. Along with a translucent body, and knee length purple flats. 


She possesses basic knowledge on Martial Arts and Taek-wondo.

Skill set

  • Sword Proficiency: Throughout her lifetime, Pearl has gained the knowledge of sword-fighting. Self taught.
    • Dual Wielding: Pearl is capable of wielding dual spears in battle, implying she is ambidextrous.
  • Technology: She possesses an extensive knowledge on technology, and is able to fix close to anything. This particular skill originated from her gaining an intrest in computers when she was little.

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