Peacock is an average height gem of navy blue skin, forest green eye (left) and violet eye (right). She has short, dark blue hair, and wears a magenta, two piece ballerina's outfit with a pink, sheer drop over her shoulders and the same sheer for her skirt..


Peacock Pearl is a very shy and outspoken gem. She doesn't speak unless spoken to, and even then she apologizes for everything she says or does. Although she is quiet and shy, Peacock Pearl is sometimes known to be incensed after long periods of time with others which are annoying.


Purple Diamond

Peacock Pearl is terrified of Purple Diamond and her ways. Peacock does, on occasion, think and speak of Purple Diamond as an admirable higher power.

Melody Stone

Melody and Peacock get along very well and are often seen together around the world, even though Melody is often on her own personality wise.


Unlike Purple Diamond, Peacock is terrified of Iolite but often comes to her for help with combat. She admires her combat techniques but is easily annoyed by her happier personality.


The relationship between Peacock Pearl and Peacock Topaz is unknown but PeaGod has mentioned her to be her "most prized possession" to Coral.


Peacock Pearl seems to like Coral and enjoy her prescense, more neutral with the new Argyle Court member than the others.


Image Description
Peacock's gemstone is located on her left shoulder and is a near-round shape.
A photo of an actual Peacock Pearl.


  • Peacock Pearl is entirely disordered.
    • Her walking is awkward.
    • Her ribbons are mismatched.
    • Her eyes are mismatched.
    • She has a contradictory personality.
  • Pearls are believed to be the symbol of purity and innocence.
    • This explains Peacock Pearl's seemingly contradictory personality of being quiet while trying to get along with her fellow court members.
    • She also acts as the totem of purity in Purple Diamond's court.

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