Paris Green is a gem made and owned by Aptos.


Fairly tall, with a mostly simplistic Paris Green colored bodysuit that camouflages the gemstone on the right shoulder. The hair is spiky, and is blonde with faint green tint. His eyes are a vivid green, and his nose is somewhat small. His build is about average.




He is impulsive and extreme, and is quite prone to seeing things as either wholly good or wholly bad. He reacts quickly so he can get what he wants, and he likes to avoid things getting in his way of doing this. He likes to rebel and do stunts to get attention and make points. He is very dogmatic about his own opinions. However is there is a high authority figure with actual power and is threatening actual punishment he will listen a fair bit.




Paris Green possesses standard gem abilities such as shape-shifting, gem bubbling and weapon summoning.

Unique Abilities

  • Weapon Summoning: He can summon a fire lance, which is in essence a tube of gunpowder with metal spheres.
  • Firework Creation: He can create small fireworks.
  • Poison Touch: He has a poisonous touch which, should he choose, can wither organic matter.
  • Blue Light: He can tap into the power of blue light to create a field of sped up time for one second.





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