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"Orthoclase" is a protagonist in Incendium and a member of Yellow Diamond's Chosen Twelve.


Orthoclase has light daffodil skin, mustard yellow hair and mahogany brown eyes. His gemstone is placed on the back of his right hand.

Normal Outfit

Orthoclase wears a hooded, short-sleeved jacket, yellow lines inter-crossing to form a diamond over a bright yellow undershirt and tuscan yellow pants.

Other Outfits



  • Standard Gem abilities: Orthoclase maintains standard gem abilities such as weapon proficiency, shape-shifting, and bubbling gems.
  • Super-speed: Orthoclase is able to travel by foot at high speeds, up to several thousand miles per hour.


Everything about him is quick; he has no second thoughts about anything, for better or worse, really.


Like many other aspects about him, Orthoclase thinks in a fast manor, he tends to think of ways to get past things as quickly as possible. Always wanting to get out information as quickly as possible, Orthoclase tends to talk speedily and loquaciously. Orthoclase may, at times, make irrational choices without second thoughts. However these flaws can be countered as he is a good asset to his team, and tries to help in any way he can.




  • Orthoclase is based off of Hermes, of Greek Mythology.
    • They are similar in abilities, role within the group, and relations among the others.


  • Orthoclase is said to have a soothing effect on its wearer.
  • It is sometimes referred to as the "stone of cooperative effort" because it is thought to encourage cooperation and good group dynamics.
  • Physically, orthoclase is believed to protect internal organs, strengthen bones and boost energy.
  • Orthoclase is an alkali feldspar occurring in a variety of colors, the most common being colorless.


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