Look Close Because The Closer you Look The Less You See

This article follows the canon of Watcher-Verse, which may deviate from the set canon of Steven Universe.

Orientalisk Rubin, though he goes by Rubin, is a gem owned by Steven watcher.


Rubin is for the most part a trickster, he is quite the deceptionist. He also likes joking around, it's often hard to tell if he is joking or is serious.


Rubin has basic gem abilities aswell as some unique ones.


Rubin has the power to hypnotise gems and other beings, though this does not always work, when using hypnosis the accessories on his wrist start floating and glowing.


Rubin has the ability to move objects with his mind, yep that's it.

Cane Summoning

Rubin can summon a walking stick, the walking stick can cause explosions on contact, it can also shoot out bullet like projectiles that can cause very minor explosions. The hook/handle can shoot off and be used as a grappling hook.


  • He was originally owned by Leucipuss but was given to me during a raffle he is also the one that drew his art

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