"​Onyx" (specifically Onyx Facet 8X1J, Cut 3FR) is a gem living on Earth.


Onyx is an introvert, they dislikes loud noises and being in crowded places. They're also pretty negative and will often be annoyed by small things.


Onyx is very short. He wears a modified version of a White Diamond uniform to include his team's "X" symbol.


As most gems, he is able to create bubbles, regenerate, and summon his weapon, which are two small crossbows. Although they are incapable of shapeshifting.

Unique Abilities

Onyx is able to conduce electricity and they're immune to it.



Onyx and Angel are close friends, Onyx is often annoyed by some things Angel does because of her positive outlook on things. Angel has fun with Onyx, playing with them, spending time together and going out.


Onyx and Pyrope are good friends, Pyrope helps them interact with humans more and helps them in awkward situations with humans.

Ice Quartz

Onyx and Ice Quartz aren't very close but they do hang out do to having much in common.


  • None really. Lmao.


Its located on his back. Its mainly dark gray and banded with dull brown.



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