Onicolo is a gem owned and played by Livi. They have featured in almost all the role plays Livi has ever participated in.


An introvert by nature, Onicolo is an easily intimidated gem. But despite all this they can be quite open to their friends and will never back down if they are threatened.


Onicolo has long, waste length, black hair. They wear a dark grey top, with black lining the collar and bottom of the top. They have grey pants and black boots. Their skin is an ash grey and their eyes are black.


Onicolo has normal gem abilities such as shape-shifting, bubbling and weapon summoning.


  • When fused with Allura, they form Yunnan Jade.
  • When fused with Vermeil, they form Tiger Iron.
  • When fused with Ammolite, they form Rainbow Obsidian.
  • When fused with Allura and Flower Stone, they form Moldavite.


  • Chain Mace Summoning: Onicolo is capable of summoning a chain mace. It is comprised of a grey handle with a link chain coming out of the top, which then connects to a ball covered in spikes.

Character History

Onicolo was made in a Kindergarten along with a large batch of Quartz type gems. They were unfortunately made incorrectly making them defective. This defect meant that they were more often than not used as a punching bag for the other Quartzes. Upon the outbreak of the rebellion they were quick to join their side, leaving Homeworld behind.



Allura is a good friend of Onicolo, and they met during the beginning of the rebellion. They're usually hanging out with each other rather than others. Onicolo thinks of Allura as a good friend, even if she finds them annoying sometimes.

Flower Stone

Onicolo doesn't particularly spend too much time with Flower, but they do think of her as a good friend who is worth protecting.



Onicolo petting Vermeil.

Onicolo had found Vermeil before she was corrupted, after the event when the other Vermeils were exterminated. They had become close in the time they spent together, before Vermeil eventually corrupted. Onicolo now keeps her as a pet, but still hopes that they can find a way to save Vermeil and bring her back to her normal form.


Violan is Onicolo's best friend. They were very excited to see her again for the first time in thousands of years. They spend a lot of time together, and are now often found together at all times.

Corindon Hyalin




Yellow Calcite




Pink Topaz



  • Onicolo is the first and most used Gemsona by Livi.
  • Onicolo's original name was Onyx, but it was changed because of how common it was.
  • Onicolo was the first Gemsona ever created by Livi.


  • Onicolo is a variety of layered chalcedony, sister stone to agate; the difference between them being the bands, agate curved, onyx parallel.






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