This is a page for characters made solely for a single roleplay. If the character is used again, please make a page for them.

You will put your Character Card under your username section (create one if you don't already have one and need it). Once a Character Moderator has approved the character, then they will place their name by the "Approved by" bullet.

Once the roleplay has finished completely or the character has gone from the setting for good, please remove your character. After a certain period of time, the character will be removed if they weren't already.


  • Date Created : Example/Date/Here
  • Name : Alexandrite
  • Weapon : Vuvuzuela
  • Abilities
    • Defective? No
    • Skillset : Enhanced speed, swiftness
    • Unique Abilities : Photokinesis
  • Appearance : Short, chubby. Upturned eyes, one green, one red. Bobcut, olive green hair. Like blue tunic, black leggings, dark grey converse. Gem on left thigh, front.
  • Personality : Upbeat, cheerful, caring.
  • Roleplay used for : Loren Ipsum [Dolor Sit] - Amet
  • Approved by [Staff name, to be added when moving character from Under Review to Approved]

Please copy and paste the template to your section in source mode to prevent coding and font issues!


  • Date Created :
  • Name :
  • Weapon :
  • Abilities
    • Defective? [Yes/No]
    • Skillset :
    • Unique Abilities :
  • Appearance :
  • Personality :
  • Roleplay used for :
  • Approved / Rejected / Under Review by [Staff Username]


First Username Here

Template here

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