"Nephrite" is a gem made by BK.


He stands at 6' 5". He wears an entirely sky blue loincloth, which goes down to his upper shins, and the upper part of a tunic on his chest, colored white. He has short, dark black, curly hair, and has light green skin and a gem of the same color on the back of his neck. He wears nothing but sandals on his feet. He wears a gray Ankh around his neck.


  • The Duat: Nephrite can reach into the Duat like his own pocket dimension. He cannot, however, fully enter herself into it, or let anyone else do the same. He can store things in it, though, a thing he does often. However, it often takes at least 95% of his concentration, and, if rushed, he can be extremely scarred by it.
  • *Nephrite can also fully envelop himself in the Duat and travel through it to other places connected to it, at different costs. This traveling ability reaches only about 2 miles in diameter, however.
  • Ranged Weapon Proficiency: While he mainly uses his slingshot, Nephrite is skilled with many other weapons he stores, however, these are mainly ranged weapons. He would not win in a fight against a skilled swordsman in melee combat.


Nephrite acts somewhat like a leader figure, although doesn't think himself as such. He is humble, good at rallying others, very convincing, and good at commanding others. He can, however, be a bit overbearing and asks gems to do somewhat impossible tasks.




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