Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though according to Amethystkitten it is considered canon in her universe.

Mother of Pearl, one of White Diamond's Pearls and closest followers. She formerly was her master's servant before being trained to the exact abilities of the Crystal Gem Pearl as she heads to Earth to capture them.


Mother of Pearl has short white bob-cut hair that reaches her ears. She wears an off white visor very similar to Peridot's over her eyes. She wears a tan dress with a long ruffled skirt. She wears a beaded belt of the same color and her undershirt is seen clearly under the top.


Mother and Pearl is strict and arrogant. She follows her Diamond's every order having almost no free-will. Despite no longer being of servant class she is still equally as servile. She has little to no respect for the gems of The Gem Cavern and only looks at them for there rank immediately identifying Afghanite as who she needed to capture. However it is noted that she does indeed respect Afghanite in many ways because she is reasonable, though it is likely this is only because these are the feelings of her diamond.






  • Mother of Pearl was the first servile gem who managed to escape servitude while still keeping faith with Homeworld.


  • Mother of pearl is the common name for the substance nacre
  • Nacre is produced by many ancient cephalapods, bivalves and gastropods, it is used as a protective layer on the inside of their shells
  • The outside of pearls are layered with nacre


Image Description
MOP gem
Mother of Pearl's gem is ovular with no facets and an off white colour. It has a thin white ring on the edges.


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