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This article follows the canon of CIU, which deviates greatly (for Treble in Tokyo) or even minorly (other fanons) from canon. No one else is obligated to follow the SV canon.


Morganite is a rather tall gem. While her more natural appearance is full of pinks, her outfit is of darker reds: Her long hair (pulled into two messy buns at each side of her head) is pastel pink, her skin is an even lighter pink, and her eyes are hot pink. In between her eyebrows is her triangle facet gem. Her kimono-esque dress consists of a bubblegum pink obi, dull dark red top and skirt, white lacing under her skirt, a dark red over-sleeve and the same bubblegum pink under-sleeve.


Unlike most of the Pastel Gems, Morganite is very caring and motherly to all of her members. She always tries to be there for the Pastel Gems and listen to them when she needs to. While she has yet to show it, Morganite is often known to be very aggressive and also lightly joking.


Morganite possesses standard Gem abilities and traits. Nothing else is known of her at current.



Morganite and Cerussite hold a very mother/daughter relationship due to their being the of the original three in the Pastel Gems.


Angelite looks up to Morganite as an idol but doesn't agree with her very often. Morganite wishes to expand upon their relationship, for better or for worse.


Morganite and Prasiolite act like co-workers around each other at all times. They're never too casual or too formal.


The relationship between Taaffeite and Morganite is currently made out to be a very quiet and mysterious one.


Moonstone hates Morganite and everything she stands for with a passion but in the past, they made a great team on the field.

Pink Spinel

Morganite cherishes Pink Spinel as a new addition to the team but Pink Spinel still doesn't trust Morganite so well.


Image Description
Morganite's gem is located on the center of her forehead and is of trillion cut.
A photo of an actual Morganite.


  • Morganite was the first Pastel Gem to be designed.


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