Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though Object considers it canon in her universe, which is Object Land.

Morganite is the fusion of Kunzite and Thulite. It first appeared in A Fusion Battle! In Journey Through Earth (Series). Morganite shares traits with Kunzite as well as Thulite.


Unlike some fusions, Morganite has only one pair of limbs; Two arms, and two legs. A fake Morganite gem is on their left leg. Their real gems are on their respective locations. Morganite has wavy hair reaching to their waist. They also wear a pink top with transparent light pink sleeves. They also wear a bright pink skirt going to the knees. Morganite wears white slippers as well.


Morganite is a calm and serious person. Morganite is extremley caring to others, although they are always ready to fight back no matter what happens. Morganite enjoys science and caring for others. Morganite is also very intelligent.

Weapons and Abilities

Morganite has the standard gem abilities.


Morganite wields a staff with a pointed top, sharp as a knife. Two gems are in the middle; a Kunzite and Thulite. The staff is made of crystal.



Morganite can easily heal allies and themself. They often use this ability.


Morganite can summon large wings giving them the ability to fly. They cannot summon wings in small and tight spaces.


Morganite is much faster than average gems, making it much easier to dodge things such as attacks.


  • Morganite was only seen in one episode in the series as Thulite leaves an episode later, preventing Kunzite from fusing again.
  • Morganite shares more traits with Thulite rather than Kunzite.
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