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Morganite, alongside Pezzottaite, is one of the highest-ranking Retrievers in the Homeworld Gem-caste system. He is also the main character in the series, Eight Pages, alongside Pezzottaite.




Morganite, unlike Pezzottaite, is more upbeat, cheerful, and lively. He is very intellectually able, but his level of knowledge and skill is not at the same level as Pezzottaite. He is helpful and is also keen and observant of his surroundings. He is very focused and committed when he is assigned to do something. However, unlike Pezzottaite, he is not as loyal, and can very easily antagonize his friends if something goes very wrong. He is aggressive, as well, and is willing to attack anyone if it means he is getting his way.








  • Morganite is the pink, peach or lilac variety of the mineral, beryl.

    Faceted peach Morganite.

  • It is a beryllium aluminum silicate colored with a trace amount of manganese.
  • The stone was named after the American banker and gem lover and collector, J.P. Morgan, shortly after it was first discovered in 1902 in the Malagasy Republic, now known as Madagascar.
  • Fine examples are currently found in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and Madagascar.
  • However, due to the gem's recent discovery, there is no folklore associated with it.


  • Morganite was originally going to be named "Golden Beryl," but they thought that Pezzottaite and Morganite's colors must resemble each other in some way.
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