Moonstone is a fairly tall and skinny gem. She has long and curly white hair pulled into a point tail at the side of her head. Her skin is an alice blue and her upturned eyes are a deep sky blue colour. For clothes, Moonstone wears a black, open-cut vest that extends into a skirt. Her turtle neck shirt underneath is a light cyan and her skin-tight pants are midnight blue. On her knees are two azure blue knee pads connected to midnight blue boots.


As seen in the series so far, Moonstone is a very extreme and liberal person. She's cynical and isn't one for taking jokes since she is bent on bringing the Pastel Gems to justice. Moonstone hasn't been seen to really smile or laugh but she is actually very kind to other gems.



Moonstone acts as though she is oblivious of Rhodonite's feelings toward herself but she knows full well how the other feels.


Cerussite and Moonstone hold a very fragile but dear relationship they had built in the past. Cerussite still cherishes it but Moonstone wants it to be shattered. Moonstone does, however, seem to be annoyed by the other.


Moonstone hates Morganite and everything she stands for with a passion but in the past, they made a great team on the field.


Prasiolite and Moonstone hold an intensely negative relationship with each other because of Prasiolite and Taaffeite replacing Moonstone.


Angelite seems to hold Moonstone as though a business partner, as well as the whole Rebelling Faction.

Pink Spinel

Moonstone holds Pink Spinel as a great asset to the faction, knowing the power she holds but not quite sure how to utilize it.


Image Description
SVMoonstone gem
Moonstone's gemstone is located on her inner forearm, and is a cabochon. Its overall shape is an oval.
A photo of an actual Moonstone gem.


  • While not in this universe, there is another Skies-Verse Moonstone which seems familiar to this one.

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