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This article is about Demo's Melanite

. You may be looking for Odrey's Melanite .

"Melanite" is an upcoming gem in "Rarity".


Melanite has black hair, pale white skin, and violet eyes. She wears knee-high black boots and matching light-grey pants. She also wears a black, white seamed, over-the-shoulder long sleeve shirt with a black Diamond on it, along with dark grey gloves.


  • Umbrakinesis: Melanite has the ability to shape, morph, and control shadows and darkness.
    • Cloning:Melanite is able to create shadow clones made with the soul purpose and intent to either assist her or eliminate her enemies.
    • Cloaking:Melanite has the ability to completely wrap herself in shadows, concealing her from the eyes of her opponents.




  • Melanite is a form of andradite, one of the rarest gems in the garnet family
  • Melanite is also known as titaniun andradite
  • The black colour of melanite comes from minor amounts of titanium replacing some of its iron composition



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