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"Love and Mysteries" is the fourth episode of the first season of Bottled Galaxy.

Lorose sighed. Xyr search for clues to the meaning of Cordierite's ramblings wasn't going well. If by "not going well", we mean nothing has been found. Xe's starting to feel hopeless.

Intarsia created a large cushion of leaves, flowers, and other plant life. She laid down on it, letting her mind wander. Lying there, she wondered if Lorose needed any help in xyr search.

"Honestly, the mission for clues is hopeless. It's not like some talking leaf is going to just tell xyr everything xe wants to know about Cordier." she thinks.

Lorose decided to give up for tonight, or today, or whatever time it is. Xe walked back to where Intarsia was. Xe sees the makeshift bed Intarsia's made.

"Nice bed, you gonna share that?" xe says.

"Um, yeah! I guess you can lay on the other side.." Intarsia says, flustered. She blushes slightly.

"Alrighty then. It's a good thing too, all that searching made me tired."

Lorose lies down next to Intarsia.

"Gosh, xe's cute..." Intarsia thinks, blushing noticably.

It's too dark for Lorose to even notice Intarsia blushing.

--About an hour later--

The two gems have fallen asleep.

Cordier's manic laughter haunts the dreams of Lorose, while Intarsia's mind wanders to the gem mentioned before her. Lorose can be heard slightly snoring.

In her slumber, Intarsia wraps her arms around the other gem. Lorose doesn't wake up from this. They stay like this for a few hours, before Lorose wakes up.

The shorter gem pushes Intarsia's arms off of xemself, smirking about the fact that they were there to begin with.

"Tarsia, wake up." xe says.

"Whaa-- oh. Fine." Intarsia replies.

The two walk around a bit and wake up.

"We've got to find out more about Cordier. But maybe later..." Lorose thinks.


This is filler.  Really gay filler.

Dumb title is dumb.

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