"Love Arrow" is the shipping between Afghanite and Cuprite. "Love" represents both Cuprite's name and powers, while "Arrow" represents Afghanite's use of logic and perfectionism but also tendency to protect.


  • In Hopeless Circles Afghanite is happy to help Cuprite heal the beguiled Rose Water Opal.
  • In Keep On Walking Afghanite is shown to do anything to protect her friends, this similarly shown in Arching Backwards.
  • In Down To Earth, Afghanite blushes when Cuprite from the past compliments her.
  • In Moonage Daydreamer, the two hug one another after Afghanite's successful meeting with White Diamond.
  • In Just A (Non) Typical Love Story, Cuprite comes to a distressed Afghanite's aid fills her in on the actions that caused the rebels wrath.
  • In the same episode, Afghanite semi blurts out that she loves Cuprite resulting in the two kissing, three times.

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