Larsadie is the shipping of Big Donut co-workers Lars and Sadie.


  • In the episode "Joking Victim", Sadie is sympathetic with Lars, shown when she lets him take a day off.
    • In the same episode, she is heartbroken to find Lars hanging out with the 'Cool Kids', telling them about how he fooled Sadie, showing she feels betrayed by him.
    • Also, she talks about a time where he invited her over to play video games with him, showing they enjoy each other's company.
    • To add, Lars gives her the pet name 'Player 2'.
    • Then, in the same episode, she is seen being extremely regretful after putting the Fire Salt on Lars' donut, showing her feelings for him are too strong to possibly harm him.
    • Finally, at the end of the episode they are shown holding hands.
  • In the episode "Island Adventure", Sadie is very willing to go to the island with Steven and Lars, showing she wants to mend her relationship between her and Lars.
    • To add, in the montage of the song "Be Wherever You Are", Lars is shown to do several kind, if not romantic things to Sadie, including-
      • Giving her his shirt,
      • using his pant leg to wrap Sadie's bitten arm,
      • Cuddling Sadie when they're going to sleep.
  • In the same episode, Sadie attempts to calm an extremely paranoid and homesick Lars.
  • In said scene, they kiss.
    • Also, when Lars claims he is homesick after seeing the monster, Sadie, with guilt and sympathy, reveals the warp pad, showing she cares for him and wants to mend their relationship.
    • Finally, Lars compliments Sadie's fighting skills, showing he admires her.
  • In the episode "Horror Club", when Sadie and Steven begin to leave, he changes his mind, showing he wants to impress Sadie, and enjoys her company.
    • In the same episode, he is shown to be extremely jealous when Ronaldo is talking to Sadie, showing he likes her and is protective of her.
    • Also, after the encounter with the 'poltergeist', Lars, accusing Ronaldo of setting it up, asks Sadie if she believes him, citing she 'isn't an idiot', showing he trusts her opinion.
    • To also add, when the gem shows the clip of Lars and Ronaldo, Lars is embarrassed of his actions, showing he wants to impress Sadie.
    • Finally, at the end of the episode, Lars is shown to be somewhat competing with Ronaldo for Sadie's attention, showing he likes her. Also, right before the star pop, Ronaldo asks Lars to 'take it down a notch', with Lars blushing from embarrassment, showing he likes her and wants to impress her.

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