Labradorite, more commonly known as Lab, is a Gemsona made by ISS.

She is a Homeworld pilot, responsible for the transportation of supplies to Homeworld.


Labradorite has liberty blue skin, a faceted powder blue gem on her forehead, black pupils, a purple visor, sneakers, a white lab coat, blue jeans, and a tie.


Labradorite is careful, fun, and kinda scary to her underlings. She feels more independent than most Labradorites, believing she can do work on her own. She enjoys scaring anyone under her caste, which is fun to her.

Weapons and Abilities

Lab possesses the standard abilities of gems.


Lab has never fused.

Unique Abilities

  • Spin Dash: LIke Jasper, Amethyst, and Sonic, Lab can roll into a ball and spin dash.
  • Electrokinesis: Lab can control electricity.
  • Photokinesis Extension: Labradorite can summon light from her Gem, but can change the light's direction, color, and heat. She can only do this to her light.


  • Labradorite is my first gemsona to have their appearance and personality drastically change.
    • She is also my first Gemsona to have a pronoun change.
  • She is my first and only Gemsona to debut in the Gem Day Care. All other gemsonas I added were made beforehand.



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