Blue dress with wrap around head and braids


Kyanite is a high-ranking gem in BD's 10 nobles ship. She served as Blue Diamonds personal seer before and after sapphire left HW. She eventually got herself to the top 10 for BD's court. A while before the Rebellion she met with a quartz where the relationship got a little bit more intimate.She had her first child with him,Benitioite .A long time after the rebellion she went back to earth secretly to get to know more about the planet.Unknowingly she went when it was WWI. She served as a nurse where she met her second spouse Lukas. She had her second child Celestite with,. Sadly her first child was banished to a nearby planet for 1,000 years, and Celes was captured and taken to be experimented with for 10 years.KY also raised YT,whom later saved Celestite after finding out what happened to her.She is currently still working with BD.


Telekinesis:KY has total control of objects/matter

Mastermind:KY can control people

Pilokinesis: KY can control all aspect of her hair

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