Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though Object considers it canon in her universe, which is Object Land.

‎WARNING! This article contains spoilers for the series Journey Through Earth! Read at your own risk!

Kunzite is the protagonist of Journey Through Earth (Series), created by Object. Kunzite is a gem scientist.


Kunzite has the colors of her respective gemstone. She has messy and wavy hair that reaches to her waist. She is a little taller than the average gem height. While she is not in her scientist uniform, she wears a pink dress tied with a purple sash that reaches to her knees.

When she is in her scientist uniform, she wears a white lab coat and a pink- purple shirt with jeans. She has a fake kunzite gemstone attached to her coat pocket. She has lavender eyes.


Kunzite is quite a serious person, although she can very random at times. However, deep down inside, she can be caring.

Despite that, she often thinks of herself first. She can be weird and creepy at times. She is also very intelligent.

However, when out of her series, for example roleplays, she can be really random and her persona changes to some degre, but still has the caring and intelligence aspect.



Kunzite was born on her homeworld. Her parents later went missing forcing her to flee to the planet Earth. She found Cherry Blossom Stone (Object) who became her guardian and friend to some degree. She met many others and saved Earth from, The Corrupted Gems (Team) When Kunzite became old enough to take care of herself, she planned on parting ways, however she was forced to take a memory serum which made her forget who Cherry was, and so Kunzite left, along with her other friends due to her not knowing who Cherry was anymore.

Kunzite later became a scientist. She found herself a home and made several discoveries relating to the gem world. However, she met several gems who became her arch enemies and changed Kunzite's personality. Those gems later went inactive due to an unknown cause. Kunzite became slightly happier and made new friends such as Harley. Because of this, Kunzite's personality changed once again into a more happier one.


Kunzite possesses standard Gem abilities, including shape-shifting, weapon-summoning, fusion, bubbling, regeneration, and superhuman strength/durability.

Because Kunzite has been training for a while, Kunzite is more experienced than the average gem skill with abilties. This is a great advantage, towards others, but because many other characters in JTE have the same aspect, the advantage is cut short.

Unique Abilities

Flight: Kunzite can also summon large wings that give her the ability to fly. She can summon these at anytime, although they disappear when in extremely small spaces.

Electrokinesis: Kunzite can manipulate electricity, being able to destroy tech devices, shoot lightning bolts, etc.


Cherry: Cherry is Kunzite's close friend and guardian in some degree. They are very close, but they have no romantic relation.

Star Sapphire: The two seem to be best friends, often supoorting each other. They have no romantic relation.

Pyrope: Both have a playful rivarly against each other, such as racing to something first, etc. with everything. Despite that, they are good friends.

Hematite: Kunzite hates Hematite with all her might.

Spinel: Kunzite is only aware she exists, although she holds a disliking towards Spinel. Kunzite has no idea Spinel sacrificed her life to save them..

Muffet: Kunzite is somewhat creeped out by her.


  • The original Kunzite is very different from the current Kunzite. For example, Kunzite was supposed to be Yandere.
  • Kunzite's favorite food is sushi and clam chowder.
  • Kunzite's old enemy meets Kunzite after Journey Through Earth (Series) takes place.
  • Her mental fear is being buried alive, although she doesn't worry about this a lot.
  • She currently has no romantic interest with anyone.
  • Her concept art was made by Odrey, and her current art by DearlySkies.
  • Kunzite is not inspired or based off of anyone or anything.


  • Kunzite is part of the spodumene group along with hiddenite.
  • It gets it's soft pink hues from minute manganese impurities.
  • Kunzite can and will often have its colours fade if put in direct sunlight.
  • Kunzite can be referred to as a "young" gemstone as it has only been used and documented in recent years, 1902 to be exact.



Image Description
Kunzite's gem is located on her left hand. It has a circle facet.
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