"Kornerupine" is a gem made by BK.
Kornerupine and Prehnite

The one on the left.


She is 5' 6". She has long, silky brunette hair that is tied in two pony tails often. She has brown skin and green eyes, and her skin is hard to the touch. She wears a light brown tutu that goes up to her central neck, yet the trim is removed. She also wears dark brown tights that go down to speed skates which she wears constantly. Her gem is located on her left upper wrist, and she is often seen wearing earbuds leading to her gem, often playing



Switchstream Aura: Kornerupine has two auras that she can switch between, or turn off entirely. The aura goes around in about a 10 meter radius, but only works on those she deems "friendly". The auras take a lot of physical energy, and can cause her to be quite tired in the long run.

  • Healing Aura(Yellow): She can switch to this aura to heal wounds among her allies. It takes about 2 minutes to heal a large cut, to about four hours to heal a single cut-off arm or leg.
  • Speed Aura(Green): She can switch to this aura to increase the speed of her comrades, making them go 2.5 extra mph or 3 kilos per hour maximum.

Intensity: She can increase the intensity of either of these auras, at the cost of mental and physical energy.

  • For healing, wounds heal almost 3 times as fast, so a cut-off arm would heal in 24 minutes rather than 60.
  • For speed, allies move twice times as fast as they would WITH the additional speed bonus already in place. This would make someone traveling 10 mph go 20 mph rather than 12.5 mph.


Energetic, erratic and quirky, Kornerupine loves to make jokes and make everyone generally feel good. She is great at rollerskating, and likes to show off this ability, yet is humble among other things. Her very presence demands attention, and she makes a decent leader.



I think I need medical attention.

Well, it turns my brain into oatmeal. So that's not good.

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