Kashmir Peridot is a character created by Zynethyst.


Kashmir Peridot wears a black, mesh veil, covering her bangs and eyes. She has a light green complexion, medium green eyes and medium, straightened forest green hair. She wears a orange sun dress, with a yellow ribbon. She wears black peep-toe wedges and her gem is located on her left hand.



Kashmir Peridot was a gem made for theater, WIP

Episodic History

She has not appeared in any episodes yet, since Breaking Down season 2 hasn't been released. Please stay tuned for future updates!


Kashmir Peridot is very carefree, independent and fun loving. She doesn't care about how she looks, all that matters is that she wants the most out of life, and how much she enjoys life as a whole. She doesn't care what others think of her, and will be occasionally offensive. She is very intelligent with occasional prior knowledge and research of many topics.

She's very passionate, yet quiet about her interests. She's optimistic, and will deface anyone. One of her quotes being "How the hell do you know? Just cause you're old, you think you're wise", which was directed to Jacinto de Compostela Quartz.

Other Forms

There isn't any as of now.


Like all gems, Kashmir Peridot possesses the standard gem abilities, being bubbling, shapeshifting and fusing.



  • Staff Proficiency: Kashmir Peridot possesses a staff, in which she uses as a poking stick as a joke.
  • Kickboxing: Kashmir Peridot is a trained kickboxer, which is highly effective in battle.
  • Swordsmanship: Kashmir Peridot has a lot of knowledge about melee weapons, especially swords.

Unique Abilities

  • Leaf Manipulation: Kashmir Peridot has the ability to manipulate leaves of all kinds.
  • Octave Manipulation: Kashmir Peridot has the ability to hit any note in the book. She can do a powerful screech to stun someone, or knock 'em out.


Fool's Gold

When Kashmir Peridot was back on Homeworld, she was great friends with Fool's Gold. They met while collaborating with an unnamed musician.


  • Kashmir Peridot is a variety of Peridot.




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