Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though Object considers it canon in her universe, which is Object Land.

Journey Through Earth (Series) is a series being written by Object alone, so do not edit with out permission. The series involves Kunzite and Cherry Blossom Stone's backstory, revealing dark secrets and hidden mysteries.


Kunzite believed she would live with her family and on her homeworld forever, until tragedy shatters it into a million pieces. Kunzite, forced to flee to planet Earth, finds another friend who might just help her. But what is that friend hiding? But the biggest question is, will they survive?



Cherry Blossom Stone
Star Sapphire

Supporting Characters



Title Title Card Description Episode Number
A New Star, A New Beginning (Journey Through Earth) Tumblr mvt4dfUVx71smn4pqo8 1280 Tragedy splits Kunzite from her normal life to a battle for survival. But, she might just meet someone who can help her. One
Lost In Earth LostInEarth Kunzite and Cherry are lost in a deep forest. Will they manage to get out before dusk, or will they meet the same fate as Kunzite's parents? Two
Meet and Greet TBA Kunzite and Cherry meet another gem on Earth! But is it friend or foe? Three
Night Fall The two gems are forced to already say goodbye to their new gem friend. And to begin their journey to Mystical Mountain. Four
Mystical Mountain The gems find out a discovery of a legend. But they must keep the information out of the wrong hands. Five
A Bad Start Kunzite realizes they aren't alone. Trying to flee before trouble arises, they meet at the wrong time. Six
The Corrupted Gems Looks like they finally reveal who has been following them. Seven
Run! No time for talk- Just run! Eight
The Ruins The gems flee to the nearest refuge; The Ruins. Nine
Discovery On Planet Earth Looks like they aren't alone, even at the ruins... But is it friend or foe? Ten
Help Even with Pyrope coming along with them, they need more help to track down The Corrupted Gems. They realize they are taking and capturing

gems on Earth near the group. But they know who to call...

Sapphire Sans Sapphire returns, and she is just what they need. Twelve
Another Encounter? Another encounter with the group, showing off their team and mind comtrolled Corrupted Gems. Thirteen
Did We Ever Agree On That? Pyrope leads a fiery fight, almost causing the group to break. Fourteen
Forever, Maybe They all come back and agree to stay as a group forever, maybe. At least for now. Fifteen
A Cry In The Wind It's not helping the Corrupted Gems are torturing innocent gems even further. The group manages to stop several of their acts. Sixteen
Tired Everyone needs a break, come on. The group decides to build a headquarters to help protect their info. Seventeen
Fusion Kunzite wanders off, and finds a fused gem. She learns a lot about fusion and is curious about the idea. Eighteen
Too Quiet... No signs of the Corrupted Gems means no good. Nineteen
Voice in the Shadows Voices are like shadows. Hiding secrets, and lies. Twenty

Season Two

Journey Through Earth
Characters KunziteCherry Blossom StoneStar SapphirePyropeThuliteHematitePurple VesuvianiteMorganitePurple GarnetBlue Spinel
Episodes A New Star, A New Beginning
Ships Pyblossom
Twisted Dimensions (Upcoming Series)
Characters Rubellite TourmalineGreen Tourmaline
Episodes TBA
Ships TBA
Collaborations Diaspore (Object and SaltyPearl7152)Heliotrope (Agunachopace + Object)
Title Title Card Description Episode Number
Totally Not Insane WIP Hematite is watching you.... Twenty One
Omega Spinel Looks like another member of the team. Twenty Two
Special Contact Kunzite contacts a special soemone to come to Earth Twenty Three
Landing on Earth Thulite arrives. Twenty Four

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