Jouravskite is a gem in True Heroes Role Play and soon to appear... or not appear on Phoenix Minerals. He is a gem with the power to be forgotten, quite literally as I forgot he even was a gem of mine.


Despite his "intimidating" appearance, Jourav is quite a noble, innocent, naive gem that unlike many, despises injustice, and treason. He is extremely loyal to his master, despite the various times he has been forgotten because of his uncontrollable ability, and would do anything his master orders him to do, even if it meant death.

Further data has been erased.


He possesses all common gem abilities like shape-shifting and enhanced strength. Despite his "appearance", he has no actual skills, and is normally "looked upon" as a puny.

Unique Abilities

  • Minor Imperceptibility: Whenever he leaves the field of view of any living/nonliving being, most if not all memories of his existence will be erased.
    • He is unable to control how much of his existence is forgotten, and he is unable to control who or what "forgets" about him.


  • Formula:Ca3Mn4+(SO4)(CO3)(OH)6 · 12H2O
  • System:Hexagonal
  • Hardness:2½
  • Member of:Ettringite Group
  • Name:Named in 1965 by Christophe Gaudefroy and François Permingeat in honor of Georges Jouravsky (1896–1964), Chief Geologist, Geological Survey of Morocco, for his work on the mineral deposits of Morocco.[1]


  • He's slightly based upon the Marvel Comics' character ForgetMeNot[2], a mutant with the power to be completely forgotten by anyone or anything that isn't seeing him.