Jixianite is a gem from Phoenix Minerals Series that gets hooked up in a conspiracy. Unlike most gems, he, along with Allactite, is a unique gem with no defined purpose, and thus, is trapped in a constant wait for another gem like him to be given a purpose.


Jixianite is a curious and sometimes naive yet firm gem. He has shown strong interest in mysteries and conspiracies, as he owns many files and reports made by rebel gem on his planet, which were mostly destroyed with the gems that wrote it.

Jix also seems to be a solitary and speechless gem, despite his friendship with both Allactite and Zemannite(Even though he publicly treats him like a Pearl). He also seems to be shy towards others gems like Peridots or Quartzes.


He is supposed to have all common gem abilities, but has only shown Enhanced strength and agility but in a low degree compared to a Ruby. He has not shown any unique ability so far.


  • Jixianite is 'plumboelsmoreite'. In the absence of a crystal-structure study, it is not possible to know the dominant anion of the dominant valence at the Y site of jixianite.
    • This is similar to how Jixianite has no known unique gem abilities do to the fact it is difficult to determine what his gem type could do with hi being the only known Elsmoreite.


  • Unlike many types of Gems, he is considered a Mineral, or just a purposeless gem or Nameless as he has been told by others.
    • This makes him an unique gem, or a "one-of-a-kind" since it means he is the only gem of its type, or in other words, he is the only one of his type.
    • This also means he has no defined purpose, and thus, he only walks around his planet in a wait for a gem of his type to be created yet again by a Kindergarten so the Diamond Authority can fully decide what their purpose in society must be.

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