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This article is from ISStellar System, which means it is canon to Silk‘s universe. Do not take this as Canon to the Steven DeMayo universe. Just as well, no one is supposed to follow this fanon.

Jackie is a Gemsona made by Silk.

She is a half-corrupted gem that has sharp teeth and an evil grin...


Jackie has mostly cool-grey skin, excluding her tail, which is lime-green with two azure anal fins. She has cool-grey legs (with feet of course) coming from her tail. She has blue-grey hair, and sharp teeth. She has a navy blue short-sleeved t-shirt with a picture of an asteroid shooting on it.


Jackie is cruel and carnivorous. She will attack anyone that harms or tries to take away Freyna (12gemstopaz) from her. When in a fight, she'll smile if she nor Freyna is getting something bad done to them. She will not back down from a fight.

She cares for Freyna, even killing her own parents to show Freyna's parents that she will avenge Freyna if they send her in the core.

Weapons and Abilities

Jackie has the standard abilities of any gem


Jackie has not yet fused.

Unique Abilities

  • Hydrokinesis: Jackie can control water, ice, and fog.
  • Hydrothermokinesis: Jackie can control the temperature of water.
  • Camouflage: Due to her corruption, Jackie can camouflage perfectly into any enviorment.
  • Teleportation: Jackie can teleport from area to area.
  • Healing Powers: By just saying "I'm sorry...", Jackie can heal gems.

Power Limits

Despite her powers, Jackie cannot:

  • Control water-type gems.
  • Make ice crystals so big they can come from Rhode Island and land on Neptune.
  • Blend in so well she can kill at any moment; her smile and teeth will be seen if she smiles.
  • Teleport at distances more than 56 miles away.
  • Heal herself.

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