Jacintheff Red Diamond is the shipping of Jacinth (AO) and Moussaieff Red Diamond (Rael).


  • In many joke RPs, this ship is canon.
  • Jacinth left Cobalt because he didn't pay Jacinth's automobillsJacinth left Cobalt for MRD.
  • There is a current struggle between Jacinth, Moussaieff, and Fleur when it comes to paying the child support for Harley.
  • MRD winks at Jacinth a lot.
  • Pink Diamond also ships them (She says she wants grandchildren).
  • It is hinted that Jacinth relies on MRD for paying bills and child support.
  • MRD got excited when Jacinth entered the room.
  • JRD Hint 2
    JRD 3
    JRD 4
    Jacintheff RD Hint 1

    "MRD winks at Jacinth a lot."

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