Itztli is a gem made and owned by Regimango.


She has broad shoulders and thick arms, and is built similarly to Jasper. Her long hair, reaches to her hips and is a murky lime green colour. She has solid black skin, except on her arms which have smoky green bands starting at the elbows, going down to her hands. She wears a jaguar print cloth around her waist with dark pants underneath, reaching her bare feet.




A brute in combat, savage and unyielding, not likely to give in even when defeated. Outside of combat she is gruff and insincere, not one for friendly interaction outside of the revelry of victory. She would be considered uncivilized and animalistic by most gems.


Itztli was created during the height of the rebellion as just another soldier for Homeworlds armies. However during her first battle, she attacked every gem, no matter what side they were on. After this massacre, she escaped into the jungles of central America. She befriended a tribe of humans there, admiring their prowess in battle. However Cuprite eventually found her and after their final climactic battle Itztli escaped back into the jungles and Cuprite was forced to give up.


Itztli has standard gem abilities such as gem bubbling, shape-shifting and weapon summoning

Unique Abilities

  • Macuahuitl Summoning: She can summon a macuahuitl sword
  • Jaguar Ferocity: For a short time she can go into a berserk rage, enhancing her physical strength and speed. However this clouds her thoughts, meaning she does not think things through and will be a danger to those around and herself
  • Eagle Senses: She can temporarily enhance her senses, giving her better vision over long distances, better hearing and overall making her sneakier and quieter.


Itztli has never had the chance to fuse with anyone, but it is unlikely she ever would.


  • This gem was heavily influenced by many of the cultures from Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, including ones such as Teotihuacan, the Aztecs and the Olmecs.
  • This gem can, in a way, be seen as an opposite to Cuprite.
  • If this gem were to become corrupted they would be similar in appearance to the Feathered Serpent of Mesoamerican myth.
  • Itztli enjoys consuming the gems of her poofed foes.


  • The use of obsidian was extremely prominent in Pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, being used for weapons, tools and decorative objects
  • Obsidian weaponry is often sharper and more deadly than even the most sophisticated steel weaponry, there have been records of aztec obsidian swords, macuihuatl, decapatating horses in one swing
  • Itztli is the Nahuatl word for obsidian

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