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"Incendium" is an ongoing series made by Stevenismyuniverse, following the story of twelve gems.


It has been more that 6000 years since the Crystal Gems lost the rebellion. Rose Quartz confronted Pink Diamond to shatter her, only to be shattered herself. The diamond created her colony as planned, however, some plans were... altered to say the least. Though the planet was made a gem colony, Earth remained habitable for human life. Gems and humans lived in peace, a sort of harmony everyone can enjoy. This gem society, however, has only been just a cover up for Earth's true purpose.

Pink Diamond is hiding something on her colony; a powerful energy source capable of mass destruction if in the wrong hands. Earth is ground zero for this mission. Take the wrong step, and you will pay gravely. Our way of life hangs in the balance.


Book 1




No. Title Card Title Description Release Date
0 TBA Prologue The story begins. 5/21/16
1 TBA Premonition The Chosen Twelve prepare for a mission concerning one of "Seven Lights of Legend". 6/26/16
2 TBA Plan for Action The gems begin searching for Blue Light. 7/8/16
3 TBA Duodecim Angeles ex Mortum The twelve take on their enemy. 12/1/16
4 TBA Rendezvous After a sore defeat, Black Opal awakens. 12/12/16
5 TBA Movie Night A night on the town goes horribly wrong. 1/5/17
6 TBA Laments and Longswords Connections are broken, weapons are gained. 1/15/17


  • "Incendium" is a latin word of "fire"

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