Dear Topaz,

Sorry for the rudimentary means of contacting you, it's just that right now there's no other way available.

Today we reached planet CF1, a wonderfully blue planet, a marvel of the stars. I wish you could see it with me, it's an amazing view. Soon we will be touching down on it, and then we will get to work on our mission. Don't worry, I'll be safe. I don't know about the others though... If they really are the knuckle-heads they act like, I doubt they will survive. I'll keep an eye on them, for their sake and as my job as leader.

I don't know what else to write... Well then I guess that's all! I hope you're having a fantastic time wherever you are out there, and that we meet again soon!

Love with all my heart, Black Opal.

The letter now lay in the ashes of a place that once was. The land still burned with the flames cultivated from thousands of years of hatred. The landscape remained scorched and untouched, bearing no signs or evidence of gem existence.

All gone.

All torn away, never to be seen again

"Incendium": The Latin word for 'fire'.

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