Impactite is a gem used by Aptos.


Impactite wears a light green bodysuit, with darker green shoes. His hair is wild, spiky like in an animé, with large blue eyes and very slightly green tinted skin. He has a nigh-perpetual smile, and their green gem is underneath the chin, more visible due to his tallness.


Impactite is extremely happy and energetic, very excited and upbeat about accomplishing anything and everything. He pursues goals ambitiously, and does their best to take all their energy to complete as much as possible.


  • Hardcore Parkour: Can surround themselves with a purple energy after colliding with an object, allowing them to glide horizontally, jump on air, or attack by ramming into targets, or spinning around them while holding onto them, or teleporting a short distance to strike. However, this dissipates somewhat quickly if they do not collide with another objects. This can also be used to slide along surfaces and slopes, which conserves the energy, and can be used to surf as well, which is highly efficient with the purple energy.
  • Air Dash: Can dash in any direction once without being pushed before touching the ground again.
  • Super armour: While engulfed in his aura, they can not be flinched or knocked out of their motion by an attack, though they still take damage.
  • Baton proficiency: Is proficient in using their weapon, a baton. They can use this to bludgeon targets, or simply play percussion on any surface, it changing timbre, note, and pitch at will.



  • The type of Impactite is currently unknown.
  • Impactite's abilties are based mostly off of Flowmotion from Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

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