Ida (gem being NaCl3) is a gem used by Aptos for RP-ing.


A short, young girl with a conical white dress, thin arms and legs, short black hair, and a conical hat. No face. She has one eye that floats a distance away from herself, which is where her voice would emanate from. She can hear normally, despite lacking ears. Gem is covered by the hat, which likewise is somehwat short.


Generally silent, but curious. Has a strong concious, but is an occasional kleptomaniac. Occasionally insecure, and appreciates support of others. Due to their low defense, they tend to avoid direct confrontation.


Sharp, hollow cone (she wears on as her hat) with no bottom to it.


  • Can act according to her multistable monocular perception(can move across things like it is a 2-D surface, including moving in a way that would normally be impossible, like walking from a cliff floor to a plateau by seeming flight, or place an object in her hat from a distance.) (See Monument Valley for examples. Basically movement of how it would appear from the perspective of the one eye.)
  • Can turn 2-D
  • Can change who has contral in a fusion.


  • Is based off of Monument Valley

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