Hydrogrossular is a gem yet to make an appearance.


See image. Art credit goes to Leucippus.

Personality and History

Hydrogrossular can be described at most as nonchalant. She comes of as not seeming to care much about her surroundings, but in fact, she takes in most information she sees and uses it to her advantage. She does, however, have a more witty side to her, and is very intellectual, often using strategy to overcome her opponents. Despite all this, she is an overall friendly gem.

The main purpose Hydrogrossular was created was to act as a spy to relay information back to Homeworld whenever she was sent on a mission. Yellow Diamond sent Hydro on a mission to Earth, but after her roaming eye had crashed, Hydro now resides on earth, always trying tom make repairs on the roaming eye, and hasn't made contact with Homeworld since.

Powers and Abilities

Hydrogrossular has standard gem abilities, such as weapon summoning, shapeshifting, bubbling, etc.

  • Electrokinesis- Hydroglossular has the power to send short electric bolts out of her hands at enemies.
  • Agility- Hydro is very swift and agile for a gem, and her punches and kicks pack a lot of damage, but not as much as, say, Garnet.
  • Goggle Summoning- Hydro can summon a pair of goggles from her gem, and these goggles give her special abilities, that include:
    • Enhanced/ Night Vision- Hydro's goggles give her the ability to see things far away and in the dark as well.
      • Information Collection- Hydro's goggles also give her the ability to find out basic powers and abilities of a gem or living being
      • Holographic Projection- Her goggles can produce a holographic tablet that she record data on.
  • Wall-Walking- Hydrogrossular has the ability to walk on walls and ceilings, giving her stealth advantage.
  • Hydro Locomotion- As her name would suggest, she has the ability to walk on water.


Hydrogrossular, aside from enormous respect for the Diamond Authority, her relationships are rare, as she usually doesn't work with anyone.


  • Many people have trouble pronouncing Hydro''s name, which is her pet peeve.
  • However, she prefers to go by Hydro instead.

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