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This article follows the canon of CIU, which deviates greatly (for Treble in Tokyo) or even minorly (other fanons) from canon. No one else is obligated to follow the SV canon.


Hotaru wears a modified version of the standard Homeworld uniform : her top gradients from light blue to light grey. Her pants are sectioned by three diamonds, the largest scaling her thigh being a dark blue, knee diamonds are cyan, shin/ calf diamonds are white and cyan toes. She has grey skin with either dark blue or cyan patches on her face and shoulders. Her short and firm hair is black with similar cyan and dark blue patches.


While she likes to be as ruthless as her fellow Homeworld Gems were, Hotaru can be easily swayed by the words of another. She is known to be very kind but sometimes lashes out and often is as emotionless as most other Homeworld gems.


Hotaru does not possess standard Gem abilities and traits, she can only summon her sjambok


Hotaru seems to be a new member to the Liberals and has not had an appropriate amount of time to become used to them and develop any relationships.


Image Description
Hotaru's gemstone is located between her shoulder blades and is a cabochon round.
A photo of a few Hotaru beads.


  • Hotaru are not real Gemstones.
  • The actual Hotaru bead has four names
    • ~Bead
    • ~Rock
    • ~Glass
    • Rock of Okinawa


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