Hope Diamond is a Gemsona made by Silk.

She is the legal pet of the Kyanite family.


Hope is tricky and mischevous. She likes to cross peoples paths, cursing others with bad luck. Raised by herself, she doesn't need anyone to live, but is good friends with a Rubellite who chose to stay with her. She likes to chase mice, birds, and basically anything else on a cats diet. She's energetic and lively. She hates other diamonds because of the way she was treated. She is half-corrupted.

Weapons and Abilities

Hope Diamond posseses the generic abilities of any normal gem. (Such as fusing, shape shifting, etc.)


When fused with Greigite, they form Tiger Iron.

When fused with Lab, they form Apatite.

Unique Abilities

  • Retractable Claws: Hope has claws that retract and extract at will.
  • Night Vision: Hope can see in the dark.
  • Great Eyesight: Hope can see extremely well.
  • Cat-Like Reflexes: Hope has cat-like reflexes (shes quick, she lands on both feet, etc.)


  • Hope was the first animal-esque Gemsona made by I-Ship-Stevidot.
  • Hope, as well as her creator, are called furries. This bothers the creator a little but, meh.
  • In the collab, Hope's gem will be replaced with Hopeite. Her design will be changed for this as well.
  • Hope likes to purr on people and give them dead animals as a show of affection.
  • Her cat-like abilities and appearance are based on the curse of the hope diamond and black cats.



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