"Heulandite" is a gem that appears in Se7en and Gem Battle Royale.



Looks like this, but orange decoration.

He is 6' 0". He has dark orange skin, and his gem is located on the top side of his right hand, it is light orange with a hexagonal facet. His upper neck to his ankles is covered with an entire suit of light gray steel, where upon he also wears a steel helmet, steel shoes, and steel gloves. The armor is decorated with an orange design. His pike has a steel, arrowhead-shaped tip and the pike itself stands at eight feet tall.


Pike Proficiency: Heulandite is fantastic at handling his pike, which he loves to use especially against mounted enemies.

Mountain Traversing: Heulandite is also great at traversing rocky and uneven terrain, and treats it like his homeland.

Extreme Strength: Along with handling his pike well, he is quite strong to be able to hold up his suit of armor on his body.


Disciplined, trained and vicious in combat, Heulandite is the perfect hired soldier, which is why he hires himself to others as a mercenary. However, he loves nature(especially mountains), and is not afraid to protect it against a line of skyscrapers plowing through it. He understands the value of teamwork, yet can be arrogant at times. He is patient, yet vicious in combat and will not hesitate to shatter a thousand construction workers.


Has a thick German accent. Can also speak fluent German.




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