Notice: The information here does not follow traditional Steven Universe canon, though Object considers it canon in her universe, which is Object Land.

Hematite is a gem owned by Object and the leader of The Corrupted Gems (Team). She may look innocent and shy, but inside she is a monster. She first appeared in a form in Voice in the Shadows as a shadow.


When outside of her team, she is very shy and innocent, and can be looked at as someone who wouldn't dare harm anyone. Despite that, when in the team, she is still shy, but more cruel and nasty looking. She is also insane. She gives no mercy to those who are in her way and turns from innocent to a beast. She hates gems who mistreat Corrupted Gems with all her might. Her goal is to wipe out the entire Earth to make Earth a place where her team and Corrupted Gems can live for themselves, which shows her evil side.


Hematite ties her black hair in a one medium short braid. She often wears a black cloak, dark blue jeggings, and a black long sleeved shirt. Her gem is located on her knee. wip

Weapons and Abilities

Hematite has standard gem abilities.


Hematite can summon a bow and arrow at hand. When an arrow is is fired, it leaves a trail of dark shadows as it wizzes by. The bow itself has a shadowy aura. But despite this, she often uses a normal knife instead.



Hematite has telekinesis, being able to lift items with movements of her hands. Her grip is stable and can move even gems.

Shadow Manipulation

Hemalite can take form as in shadows, but can still move around as shadows. She also has the ability to summon shadow balls on which she can fire on command. They leave a shadowy aura. She can also create shadows to fool others.


  • Even though she is only seen in Season Two, she is mentioned in Season One and Season Three many times.
  • Her laughter is the same as Yandere Chan's laugh from Yandere Simulator.
  • Hematite is completely oblivious to the fact that Blue Spinel existed after Spinel was locked away.
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